We are a creative agency. With advice and strategy-led creativity we spark start-ups, corporates and our own projects to life.

We solve problems big and small, for multinationals and the neighbourhood school alike.
We love them all.

digital should only exist to add value to the real world

How can we make everyone into a maker?

Our creativity is not doing well; the misconception of our abilities has pushed us back into the position of passive recipients. Luckily, maker is gaining a foothold. In what way does maker help us, and how can it develop to transform us into proactive citizens?

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More social interaction within families through digital media? Yes! Our interactive concepts for kids link the digital with the real world.

Helping families discover the fun, the meaningful and the necessary stuff in life – together.


Finding new ways to improve customer experience. Together we discover how interaction, productivity, insight or overview can be improved for your business. Adding a spark. Always putting the customer first.


We love to support passionate people and their great ideas. Through the Wasstraat program, we help start-ups transform their idea into a unique, sellable and realizable concept.

With carefully designed steps and by using the latest and greatest in social and digital, we’ll bring the idea to the next level.


Although we are not a Fund, we do make small investments in start ups / companies that we feel have potential.

It takes great courage and perseverance to turn a great idea into a thriving business. We know what it means and takes to be a Start Up. What it is like to be bootstrapped. To be in a hurry to market your idea.

We are always interested in listening to your great ideas, see your beta or prototype and to discuss how we can be of added value. And if we see potential we like to be among the first to invest. And help you prosper. For example we were one of the earliest investors in Maily, Fixico, Crafter & Tabster.

Contact Erik and we will take it from there!


Thanks to the company’s rapid growth, our team is growing in all regions. We’re looking for people with bright minds and the drive to make a difference—to do things differently, smarter, and better. Above all, we need people with determination and a sense of urgency.

We are looking for inspiring individuals that can help us grow and make a lasting impact.